current off-season hours
   mon - fri   8 am - 3 pm
   sat & sun  8 am - 4 pm

pre-summer hours begin April 25
   mon - thur 8 am - 3 pm
   fri, sat & sun 8 am-8 pm

full summer hours begin May 23
   everyday 8 am - 8 pm

map to back on the beach cafe
445 pacific coast hwy
(aka palisades beach road)
santa monica ca 90402
t: 310.393.8282

                               we proudly serve
                          grass-fed ground beef,
        cage-free hormone-free antibiotic-free eggs,
     mary's free range non-gmo vegetable fed chicken

                           chef diana stavaridis


 chicken chorizo omelette     12
     egg whites, piquillo peppers, tomato confit, manchego
wild mushroom omelette     12
     basil pesto, goat cheese
kale & sweet potato omlette   11
     caramelized onions, gruyere
cheese omelette     11
    choice of aged cheddar, gruyere
    + $2 to add bacon, ham or chicken chorizo 

feta, tomato, spinach omelette     12
ocean house scramble     13
     cream cheese, avocado, jack cheese
two eggs    8
three eggs     10
above omelettes and scrambles served with grilled potatoes, mini scone

back on the beach egg sandwich     13
     fried egg, bacon, aged cheddar, avocado, tomato aioli, sour dough,  side fruit   

breakfast quesadilla     13
     scrambled egg whites, spinach, jack cheese, side salsa, grilled potatoes
bucatini pasta and eggs     12 
     baby spinach, tomato confit, green onion, parmesan
    + $2 to add house-cured pancetta
huevos rancheros     12     gluten free
     crispy tortilla, black bean, gueso fresco, avocado, pico de gallo, chipotle crema
brisket hash    13
braised bbq beef brisket, sunny side up eggs, sweet potato, kale, horseradish crema
vegan chilaquiles     11       gluten free
corn tortilla, black bean, tofu, tomato jalapeno, cashew cheese, tofu sour cream

buttermilk pancakes     9
    + $1 for banana, blueberry or chocolate
brioche french toast     10
    + $3 for nutella, banana, almonds and whipped cream
bagel & lox     15
     cream cheese, red onion, capers, tomato
oatmeal     8
granola sundae     9
     organic vanilla yogurt, seasonal fruit
seasonal fruit plate     9



fried calamari     13
lobster bisque     10
soup du jour     6

fred's salad     13

     romaine, chicken salad, grilled potatoes, blue crumbles, lemon vinaigrette

grilled salmon lentil salad     16
     wild arugula, french lentils, potato confit, oven-dried tomato, lemon horseradish vinaigrette

steak salad     16
    butter lettuce, cherry tomato, grilled onion, chive, blue cheese vinaigrette
caesar salad     9
    romaine, croutons, caesar dressing, parmesan
     + $6 for fried calamari
chicken apple goat cheese salad     14
    grilled chicken, romaine, arugula, sliced apple, goat cheese, almonds, lemon vinaigrette

marion davies salad     10
     organic greens, dried cranberries, caramlized walnuts, blue crumbles, lemon vinaigrette
citrus salad     9
     wild arugula, tangerine, hearts of palm, radish, cucumber, coconut citrus vinaigrette
ahi tuna nicoise salad     18
     seared ahi, butter lettuce, green bean, potato confit, tomato, egg, olive, white anchovy, nicoise vinaigrette
kale apple salad     11
     garbanzo beans, sweet potato, almonds, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, sesame ginger vinaigrette
seasonal market salad     6
     organic greens, radish, beets, carrots, lemon vinaigrette
     + $6 mary's chicken breast, $9 eight ounce steak, $8 six ounce grilled salmon, $6 veggie patty


grass-fed burger     14
     + $1 jack, aged cheddar   + $2 gruyere, blue or feta
back on the beach burger    15
     aged cheddar, avocado, wild arugula, tomato aioli
turkey burger     13  
     wild arugula, goat cheese, tomato aioli
grilled salmon burger     16
avocado, cucumber, lemon caper aioli
veggie burger    14       vegan,  gluten free
house made:  red quinoa, black bean, wild mushroom, alfalfa sprouts, jalapeno cashew cheese, smoked ketchup


albacore tuna salad sandwich    15      sustainable
     green leaf lettuce, toasted whole grain bread

grilled mary's chicken sandwich    14
     pesto, aioli, lettuce, oven dried tomato, toasted sourdough
mary's chicken salad sandwich     13
     bacon, avocado, toasted sourdough
grilled steak panini    15
     aged cheddar, horseradish tomato aioli, pickled onion, arugula, whole grain ciabatta
turkey reuben panini    13
     house-made saeurkraut, russian dressing, gruyere, whole grain ciabatta
grilled fish sandwich     14
spicy aioli, citrus slaw, sesame seed bun

fish tacos     15
     citrus slaw, avocado, lime crema;  black beans and rice
bucatini and clams     16
     house-cured pancetta, white wine tomato broth
beer-battered fish and chips    14
     french fries, tartar sauce

open for dinner in the summer months


kid's menu

pasta butter   7
pasta marinara    7.75
buttermilk pancake    4.5
blueberry pancake    5
banana pancake    5
hot dog    6.75
grill cheese sandwich   6.75
hamburger    7.75
cheeseburger     8.25
chicken fingers    8.75


beer & wine

corona, heineken, guinness, golden road hefeiwizen, oro di milano,
hanger 24 orange wheat ale, golden road point the way ipa,
nut brown ale, lambic framboise, pear hard cider

chardonnays, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc,
champagne, proseco,
grenache, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignons, merlot, malbec

corkage $12/ bottle  750ml



some dishes and prices on the web subject to change without notice. the printed in-house menu takes precedent.